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The Evolution of Solar Panels: How Technology is Improving Their Efficiency?

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Switch to solar panels and save the extra money you used to spend on electric bills.

We are getting closer to our Earth’s destruction with our own hands. Thus, having something that saves the ecosystem is an angel sent down upon us from the heavens.

There are several harmful things technology is replacing and still trying to replace to give our Earth room to breathe.

One such invention is Solar Panels. And they are helping the environment eliminate the residual pollution electric powerhouses are responsible for.

The guide helps determine the importance and evolution of Solar panels over the years. The essential points under discussion today are:

  • A Brief History Of Solar Panels
  •  Why is solar energy famous today?
  •  Evolution Of Solar Panels
  •  Why Choose Solar Energy Choice?

A Brief History Of Solar Panels

Solar power is not a product of the twenty-first century. It gets way back in time. The Greeks used to get the advantage of solar power to reflect light from the mirrors in religious ceremonies.

Eventually, it started getting more recognition because the sun is the most significant source of energy and light, so people started looking for ways to convert solar energy into something that powers our houses.

Before the production of solar panels, scientists produced solar cells. The first solar cell was created in the 1800s. And gradually, these cells were transformed into panels to light our houses and other buildings.

In 1954, Bell Labs created the first solar panel. And ever since that day, we have seen advancements in solar panel production.

Why is solar energy famous today?

Solar power for home is letting people save a lot of money because the electric bills drain them every month.

People are moving towards solar panel installation in both commercial and residential areas. Why? Because solar power is never dying out, is cheap, is renewable, and leaves no harmful residue.

 Today, there are a lot of houses and restaurants with solar panels than there were a decade ago.

This is all because of people’s rapid knowledge of solar panel. Moreover, there are the Government’s incentives to encourage Solar Panel installation.

Evolution Of Solar Panels

Let’s get to the evolution of Solar panels. There are two critical sections that this evolution is divided into. Solar panels evolved in terms of money and efficiency.

People were not a fan of solar panels a few decades ago. But today, we can see that almost half of the world has transitioned to solar panel.

Before moving on to evolution, a few advantages of solar panels are why people want to have them.

Most hospitals have transitioned to solar power systems for their benefit. Because, in case of any emergency like a blackout, it is the solar power that keeps the place lit up. Blackouts, when not already declared by the Government, can last many hours long

  • In Terms Of Money
  •  In Terms Of Efficiency

In Terms Of Money

The price of solar panels was high back when it started. But today, you can get them at very affordable rates. And is not only about the rates, but the governments have also given different rewards and incentives.

Federal Government in the U.S. offers people more than 20% tax incentives. The only condition is to have solar panels installed in their homes.

On top of that, you can get easy loans for solar panel installation. And they are not very heavy, so you can quickly pay them back. You can also get almost all the money you have spent on solar panel installation.

In Terms Of Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel is the percentage of solar energy it can convert into Alternating and Direct Current. Let’s look at the history of when Hoffman, in the 1960s, achieved around 14% efficiency in PV cells.

It gradually increased to almost 16% in 1992 by a university in South Florida. In 2012 it went up to 17.8% of efficiency. And it was left behind in the summer of 2015 when the efficiency went as high as 18.2%.

Solar panels have seen changes over the years. And finally, in April 2020, the researchers developed an advanced solar cell with an efficiency going as high as 47.1%. NREL researchers are constantly trying to bring efficiency to 50%.

It is important to note that the laws of thermodynamics forbid 100% efficiency. So, if you think more than 47% is needed, you are misinformed.

Why Choose Energy Choice Solar?

Now that you know about solar energy and its advantages and efficiency, it’s essential to move forward. Let’s talk about why Energy choice solar should be your first choice. We have a list of reasons to convince you, and these are:

  • Seamless Installation
  •  Free Quote
  •  Efficient Staff
  •  Affordable Rates

Seamless Installation

Solar panel installation with our company is seamless. You can transition your house to solar energy within a day. If it is spacious, you can get it done in 24 hours, but within 8-12 hours in other cases.

Our installation is a smoot. And we ensure that our customers leave good reviews after we have done installing these solar panels at their location.

Energy Choice Solar offers a seamless installation and helps assist even after you are done with the transition. You can contact our staff anytime you need help with something or need help.

Our customers are our assets, and we know how to treat them right.

Free Quote

Get a free quote from us if you need clarification on the solar panels. And we will walk you through the installation process.

From the benefits to the seamless installation, our staff briefs you about solar panel installation

Efficient Staff

Stay calm about the services if you get solar panels for your home. Because our staff is very efficient and they will handle everything perfectly.

Affordable Rates

Solar panels by Energy Choice Solar are available at affordable rates. And with the incentives and rewards, you can get the money spent on the solar panels back in no time.

Now, you can go to that country you have been saving money for because solar panels will help you save more.

Summing It Up

Solar panels are the next green future we must give our younger generations. This is a legacy your children will be proud of. So do not hesitate to transition to a pollution-free and affordable world.

So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us today and transition to a brighter, pollution-free world.

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