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Quick install times only mean a day. And the day is for those with big houses. If you live in a significantly moderate house, your solar panels will be installed within a few hours. You can be on the right side of history within a day.

Have you ever considered being the first to switch to a cleaner environment? Who knows how many more people will start transitioning as well?

And if you think your roof is not suitable enough for the solar panels, then you can have them mounted on the ground. The only important thing is to install them where they get maximum sunlight, so the conversion is easy and smooth.

If you want more explanation, then here is how the solar panels are installed on the roof:

  •  Setting The Scaffolding Up
  •  Installing The Mounts
  •  Installing Solar Panels
  •  Installing The Solar Inverter
  •  Connecting Solar Inverter And The Battery
solar panels Solar Panels installation

Setting The Scaffolding Up

Scaffolding is a must before you even begin the installation process on the roof. A scaffolding ensures the safety of the workers during the installation.

Installing The Mounts

After erecting the scaffolding, you must move forward to installing the mounts. These mounts are used to support the base of your solar panels.

A vital tip to remember is that the mounts must be placed between an angle of 18 to 36 degrees to get the maximum sunlight.

Installing Solar Panels

After the mounting, you must install the solar panels and fasten them with nuts and bolts. The electrical wiring is done after the panels are established, and in most cases, MC4 connectors are used. These connectors are suitable for all types of solar panels. Cut off your power during the wiring installation to avoid electric shocks.

Installing The Solar Inverter

The solar inverter must be connected to the system near the main panel. It doesn't matter if it is installed indoors or outdoors, but it would be best to keep the inverters in a cooler place. And if you are placing it outdoors, ensure that the inverter is away from the Sun.

Connecting Solar Inverter And The Battery

Finally, the solar inverter must be connected to the battery to save the maximum energy for later use. If it's suddenly cloudy, the battery starts to operate and provides the household electricity. Connect the inverter to the consumer unit.

You can also connect the unit to a monitor to look at the solar performance. It helps keep an eye on when you are generating electricity the most so you can use heavy appliances, a washing machine, or your AC.

Test your solar panels after switching the power on.

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Natalia KNatalia K
01:23 13 Dec 22
Amazing energy choice Solar panels, world class service and outstanding experience. We initially installed 43 panels a year ago (1/2021) and then added an additional 12 panels several months later. We have generated so much energy and the savings keep coming.highly recommended
Natalia TodorovaNatalia Todorova
19:23 12 Dec 22
Energy Choice Solar is 100% professional. On time, communicative, dealt with every detail, made it easy for me. They made sure my installation passed code, even built a railing for my rooftop. I love my solar panels, getting solar was one of the best decisions I ever made.
It's been 3 years with Energy Choice Solar installed our solar system and we couldn't be happier! Our electric bill is always the minimum every month. Can't wait to install batteries soon!!!
DJ Academy by AloonaDJ Academy by Aloona
14:56 12 Dec 22
Energy Choice Solar set the gold standard for excellence in the solar business. From beginning to end, we experienced a flawless and transparent process. They educated us on all we needed to understand about their services. Instead of treating us as a customer, they made us feel like family.
Diana ShtukertDiana Shtukert
14:29 12 Dec 22
I highly recommend Energy Choice Solar, the installation was super fast and the system works perfectly for us. We are paying less than before. Thank you so much guys.

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