About Us

We are a company dealing with the sale and installation of solar panels in the United States. Energy Choice Solar has been in business for almost ___ years, and our quality keeps us going in the industry. Our staff is highly professional, and they walk you through the entire process of installation of solar panels. If you need any more assistance after the installation, we are just a call away.

Energy Choice Solar

You can be the next savior of the collapsing ecosystem with little research. Do you know that installing solar panels is like freeing two birds with one stone? Yes, you can save both; the ecosystem and your money if you go solar. So the next question is, why choose Energy Solar Choice? We have skilled and professional staff who perfectly install these solar panels. There is just one goal we had in mind when we built Energy Solar Choice; to help our community in achieving a smaller carbon footprint while reducing the costs immensely. We do not believe in rushing things. Therefore our first step is always to ensure that our customers understand every necessary detail about Solar Panels so they can welcome solar energy with open arms.

Financial Benefits

Gone are the days when solar panel was considered a luxury. Today, everyone can afford to install solar panels.


Quick Install Time

When we say quick, we don’t mean three weeks or a month; we suggest a few hours to a day. 


Painless Financing

Not everyone is able to pay for solar panels upfront, but that doesn’t mean they are not allowed to have solar panels


Commercial Applications

Are you running a restaurant and getting a lot of electric bills that you are hardly saving anything? 

See If You Qualify To Go Solar Today

Hello, we at Energy Choice Solar deliver nothing but exceptional quality. If you want to know everything about solar panels, contact us for a free quote.