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Help The Ecosystem By Installing Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

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You Can Save More Money For That Panels Dream Car- Switch To Solar

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Stand On The Right Side Of History- Go For Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Why Choose
Energy Choice Solar


Financial Benefits

Gone are the days when solar panel was considered a luxury. Today, everyone can afford to install solar panels.


Quick Install Time

When we say quick, we don’t mean three weeks or a month; we suggest a few hours to a day. 


Painless Financing

Not everyone is able to pay for solar panels upfront, but that doesn’t mean they are not allowed to have solar panels


Commercial Applications

Are you running a restaurant and getting a lot of electric bills that you are hardly saving anything? 

Solar Panels installation

Produce Your
Own Clean Energy

If you want to go down in history as someone trying their best to conserve and save the ecosystem, solar panels installation might be the first big step. Switch to solar panels to produce your own clean energy. When the sun is the most significant energy source out there, why don’t you use it for more than just getting a tan or vitamin D? We at Energy Choice Solar ensure that you have a fresh start with Solar energy after you part your ways with Electric energy.

Benefits of Solar Panels on Your Home

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Why would it cost more if the direct energy source is provided by nature and not some grid station? For Solar Energy, the most significant source is the sun, and it significantly lowers the overall cost. Solar panels will help you save for the future just like you always wanted. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to get a free quote from us.Staff is there to provide you with help in any way possible.

Protection for Power Outages

Never go out of light, even when there is an outage. If you have often witnessed blackouts because of the storms, say no more. With the solar panels at your home, you know what you are doing; saving for the blackouts, so no more fridge items go to waste. Even when there is an unexpected blackout, the batteries will help you get through the dark nights, like a loved one.

Own Your Power

You are no longer powerless now that you have solar panels lighting your house. You get to create your power and are not at the mercy of grid stations. Once installed, no one can stop these solar panels from generating and saving energy throughout the year. So, why not join team solar, so you never have to go powerless? People against solar panels might argue that the cost of the battery is very high.

Modernize Your Curb Appeal

We know you are all about aesthetics, and so are we. Energy Choice Solar ensures that we provide our customers with modern and aesthetic solar panels that go perfectly well with the look of their homes. No more fashion fails because solar panels and your home will go hand in hand. Solar panels will help you save for the future just like you always wanted. If you want to know more.

Conserve Limited
Natural Resources

Solar energy plays a vital role in reducing the greenhouse gas effect and controls climate change to some extent. You can play your part in healing the ozone layer by switching to solar panels because all the residue that electric grid stations emit will kill mother Earth sooner than we think. Solar energy helps in improving air quality as well.

Solar Panels installation
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What our clients say

Energy Choice Solar
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Natalia KNatalia K
01:23 13 Dec 22
Amazing energy choice Solar panels, world class service and outstanding experience. We initially installed 43 panels a year ago (1/2021) and then added an additional 12 panels several months later. We have generated so much energy and the savings keep coming.highly recommended
Natalia TodorovaNatalia Todorova
19:23 12 Dec 22
Energy Choice Solar is 100% professional. On time, communicative, dealt with every detail, made it easy for me. They made sure my installation passed code, even built a railing for my rooftop. I love my solar panels, getting solar was one of the best decisions I ever made.
It's been 3 years with Energy Choice Solar installed our solar system and we couldn't be happier! Our electric bill is always the minimum every month. Can't wait to install batteries soon!!!
DJ Academy by AloonaDJ Academy by Aloona
14:56 12 Dec 22
Energy Choice Solar set the gold standard for excellence in the solar business. From beginning to end, we experienced a flawless and transparent process. They educated us on all we needed to understand about their services. Instead of treating us as a customer, they made us feel like family.
Diana ShtukertDiana Shtukert
14:29 12 Dec 22
I highly recommend Energy Choice Solar, the installation was super fast and the system works perfectly for us. We are paying less than before. Thank you so much guys.

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